Purchase your pool table from us, and pay factory pricing. Choose from a wide selection of billiard tables at the best lower pricing. Each pool table is carefully handcrafted using 100% solid maple or oak wood. Beautiful leather matching shield or fringe pockets, 100% natural gum rubber profile cushions. We use international standard slate with an advanced hardwood slate backing frame.

Every pool or billiards player, whether it is a hobby or sport, knows that choosing the right pool tables and billiards tables is an incredibly important process. When trying to decide on a design for a pool table, you have so many different options to go for with us. A beautiful pool table is bound to be a welcome addition to your home and, if chosen properly, your new pool table will almost certainly increase the appeal of any room. We can offer you absolutely anything when it comes to billiards, snooker and pool tables.

In our company you will find the type of pool and billiards tables that will turn people green with envy.

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